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GuestView Guide

Make a Lasting Impression on Your Guests…and Your Bottom Line.

GuestView Guide is an in-unit interactive concierge for the vacation ownership industry. It helps timeshare, vacation ownership clubs, and resorts promote vacation ownership and earn more, enhance the guest experience, and streamline operations.

GuestView Guide is a product from Sharp NEC, the leading global provider of professional and commercial visual technology and digital signage solutions in the industry.
Promotion Vacation Ownership and Earn More: Advertise ownership opportunities to renters and exchangers as well as upselling on-site services and selling advertising space to local businesses for a monthly fee.
Enhance the Guest Experience: Keep your guests engaged by showcasing recommended resort amenities, activities, and local attractions

Streamline Operations: Combat labor shortages by automating tasks, simplifying guest communications, and providing how-to information on in-property amenities.

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