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CRTA Member List

The CRTA Community promotes a strong member-to-member network by providing direct access industry decision makers. Membership is your path to forging lasting industry relationships and finding your own competitive industry edge.

Disclaimer:  Companies  identified as members of CRTA have met the ethical business practices required by CRTA Membership. However, CRTA does not recommend or endorse any company offering services within the Vacation Ownership Industry. CRTA’s focus is to educate industry stakeholders, including consumers, how to make informative decisions when choosing a service provider.

Note: We are in the process of updating this list as of September 2021 We are reaching out to all current and former members to update any and all information. 

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Consulting/Advisory Services


Digital Agency/Website Developer

Exchange Companies

Exchange Services (Internal Only)

Financial Services



Management Companies

Marketing and PR Services

Procurement Services


Recruitment Services

Resales (In-House Only)

Resort Companies, Vacation Clubs

Resorts (Single Location)

Industry Associations


Technology, Distribution, Software

Timeshare Resale Companies

Travel Services

Vacation Rental Services

New member listing pages
 Under Development

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