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A Gift From Me (well, indirectly) To You

April 28, 2022

As we are well into 2022, it remains uncertain times for many. Therefore, it is more imperative than ever that good leadership is present. Good leaders inspire their subordinate to greatness. Good leaders inspire by example, by words that are relatable. In the last couple years, the world has seen a Pandemic that keeps recreating itself and if that wasn’t enough, the invasion of Ukraine. These tragedies have caused much stress and losses, even life. We all need positive input, messages of hopes.gaetans daughter

50 years ago, a man named John Lennon penned and wrote music to an anthem that has always been a favorite for all the right reasons. It has impacted leaders in their deliveries of their vision and mission to their teams. This one time Beatle was a messenger of peace, penning lyrics such as “Imagine all the people, sharing all the world”

As many recently celebrated Easter, a day of faith and of new beginnings, I humbly share with you a gift from my daughter. She didn’t know what to get her daddy for Christmas, so she gave me a gift of her singing my favourite song. It is more relevant today than ever so take a few minutes, close your eyes, let your mind go free of all thoughts and focus on the words that the world leaders need to embrace. Words that we all need to embrace and share to everyone that depends on your leadership. 

Take a break, enjoy the 3 minutes and 14 seconds and I promise it will positively impact your day.

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