Canadian Resort and Travel Association Logo which is the letters CRTA in caps, superimposed on a maple leaf

How To Join The CRTA

Please contact us if you have questions about becoming a member of the CRTA. Upon receipt of your membership application, CRTA’s Membership Committee will commence a rigorous 5-step review process:

  1. Our Membership Application includes requests for two industry references as well as asking you to share a list of other industry association you belong to.
  2. We will conduct online research to gain a deeper understanding of your business.
  3. Our President will arrange a telephone interview with the Principal of your company.
  4. We will ask you to demonstrate that your business practices are completely aligned with our Mission Statement.
  5. Our findings along with your application will be reviewed by our Membership Committee and Board of Directors for final approval.

We look forward to receiving your membership application and welcoming you to CRTA, the voice of the Canadian resort industry.

CRTA Rate Structure

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