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A Rewarding CARE Conference

April 14, 2022

Nothing is as rewarding as seeing Industry colleagues unite and discuss the state of our industry. CARE recently gave us an opportunity to do exactly that. Delegates from around the country, Mexico and Canada, met in Philadelphia at CARE’s annual conference. 

4 people at CARE Conference 2022

What is even more exciting is that the President of ARDA, Jason Gamel, President of ACOTUR, Guillermo Muhech, President of GNEX, Paul Mattimoe and yours truly all attended. Conversations went from new innovative technology, marketing post Pandemic and as usual, an exchange of our experiences and solutions for growth.

We realized that the mission of the leaders of Associations such as CARE, is to unite the good and knowledgeable professionals in our Industry; to help in the growth and better value factor of our offering to end users. As we discussed, there is very little difference between our Mission; just the way we conduct our day-to-day business. The unity between Canada, the USA and Mexico is the best I have ever witnessed in my nearly 30 years in the industry.   Expect that unity and merging of new strategies to get even closer as the three countries are working as a united team in the ethical growth of the Timeshare Industry. 

I did get excited as I ran up the famous steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art where Rocky ended his morning run. This ascent has become symbolic of the city of Philadelphia and its residents, representing that an underdog can become a champion through hard work, determination, and hustle. It was very inspiring for all CARE attendees

I am very proud to be associated with the likes of these incredible leaders

Kindest Regards
Gaetan Babin RRP
President & CEO

Canadian Resort and Travel Association

Canada 2022

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