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ACOTUR Social, Cancun

May 13, 2022

One of the main objectives of CRTA is to promote properties in Mexico that are willing to abide by the CRTA code of ethics, the industry’s highest standards. This initiative gives Canadian consumers confidence in Membership offerings by Resorts, that proudly display their affiliation with the Canadian Resort and Travel Association. In the past 12 months, shortly after our rebranding to CRTA, we have focused on this relationship which I am proud to say has flourished.

Paul Mattimoe, from GNEX, and I were invited to Cancun for the ACOTUR Social luncheon on April 28th, as representatives of our country and on behalf of GNEX. GNEX, recognized as a premier venue for leaders of the Timeshare Industry, is responsible for the annual conference for both ACOTUR and CRTA. The event was a wonderful lunch by the water, with an opportunity to socialize and tightened the already good relationship with our countries.

Thank you, Alberto Solis, President of ACOTUR, and Guillermo Muheck, Executive Director, for the invitation. We very much value our partnership and know this relationship will enhance travel and growth in our Industry in both Canada and Mexico.

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