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December 8, 2022

Dear colleagues and friends,

Gaetan with Tara and Robert Stolt

Gaetan with Tara Bergeron and Robert Stolt

Hope this finds you all well in your respective personal and business life. Its hard to believe that 2022 is nearly over as this year has gone by so quick.

To see the record numbers of travelers following a historical pandemic is testimony that people just need this precious time away from their day-to-day routine, no matter the challenges and restrictions placed upon us. Timeshare continues to grow its member base and will continue to grow as we enter over 50 years as an Industry

Looking back at this year I feel so grateful for the trust you have given us in our mission to help in the best way we can in the growth of our Industry. Today, I want to recognize a company that has been my mentor in many ways, a company that without its founder, none of us would be here today. That company, founded in 1974, became the catalyst on how timeshare owners had access to the world.

I met Christel DeHaan in the early 1990 and it’s a moment in time that impacted me greatly. I saw her integrity, her passion for humanity, as she gracefully engaged in conversations with all of us who wanted just a word with her.  Over the years, that relationship grew to the point that we were on a first name basis. The many great discussions were always special moments that I will cherish forever. We all owe her a great deal of respect and appreciation for setting the stage of our continuous evolving industry.

Gaetan with David McDonald

Gaetan with David McDonald

CRTA has a great relationship with RCI. There is no word to express our gratitude to RCI helping us with accommodation when needed for promoting the benefits of RCI to properties all over America. We have doubled our Membership base last year, and in many ways, due to RCI’s assistance. New leaders in RCI such as Olivier Chavy, Todd Menendez, Robert Stolt and David McDonald to name but a few, have been more of a strategic alliance to us as a Trade Association with a mission of uniting the best of the Industry. We operate and have all our member affiliates commit to code of ethics that is the highest standard in the Industry. RCI affiliated resorts are the vehicle to many Timeshares owners to explore the world, expand their horizon and create memories than otherwise would never be possible.

So, thank you RCI for what you do. CRTA is proud to have you as a member as we continue to promote RCI to all properties that have an interest in offering their members the ultimate and most flexible exchange system in the world.

Gaetan Babin RRP
President & CEO
Canadian Resort and Travel Association

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