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New Year 2022 Message From The CRTA

January 8, 2022

Dear Industry Colleagues,

2021 is now history. A difficult and challenging year for so many. However, our Industry, always committed to offer the ultimate in quality vacation time for all demographics, has stepped up its game once again. Resorts have adapted and promise new safety protocols for all their guests to enjoy a safe environment.

Gaetan BabinAs the Canadian Trade Association promotes and endorses properties, Resorts and Vacation Clubs where those safety protocols are in place and provide good and safe vacations, I want to thank and congratulate these projects that adhere to the highest standards. With all the negative and sadly, real facts on the ongoing mutation and high contagious new strands, resuming travel safely due to the efforts of all our Associates, Resorts, and Clubs needs to be commended. Our Industry continues to find solutions to challenges by endorsing new technology such as virtual meetings, by providing safe environments, and by encouraging travelers from around the globe to continue travel as Vacation Ownership Properties have committed to the highest standards in safety protocols.

We are grateful that Trade Associations such as ARDA, GNEX, AMDETUR and ACOTUR, plus many more, have given us forums to share our common challenges and find solutions as a united group. For those that have attended any or more of these conferences, you know the main topic was for all of us to adapt to the new normal and be part of the solutions, versus a victim of circumstance, or worse, part of the problem. All interactions at these events were directed at how do we continue to provide an environment where safety is at the forefront while continue to offer spectacular, enjoyable and memorable vacation time.

In the fall of 2022, CRTA will have its first international conference in 2 years. The entire team at CRTA is committed to provide a safe environment to all attendees. Due to or affiliation with GNEX, and the focus on Canadian Travellers who account for nearly ½ Million families who have invested in a Vacation Membership south of our Border, the event is bound to be a successful one. Personally, I look forward to welcoming all attendees and offer what we call good old Canadian hospitality. 

I want to personally thank you for your continuing support of CRTA by recognizing that our role is to offer confidence to consumers that CRTA affiliated properties and associates offer not only quality and good value proposals but commit to the Industry’s highest code of ethics and transparency. 

On behalf of my family to yours, and on behalf of the entire Board of Director at CRTA, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year. May it be filled with joy, laughter, love, and good health. 

Gaetan Babin

CRTA Chairperson
President, & CEO

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