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Notes from GNEX-CRTA Fall 2022

October 13, 2022

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Our collaboration with GNEX to hold our first Canadian Conference in Toronto as the newly branded Canadian Timeshare Trade Association, CRTA, was a very successful event according to all our attendees Participation from Canadian Developers, Associates and Vendors, as well as USA and Mexico representation, showed that the interest of the Canadian traveller’s market is beyond our own Canadian borders.

One of the favorite events according to survey was the speed networking where all attendees have an opportunity to “pitch” their services to all attendees on a one-to-one basis. The networking event on top of the CN Tower was also a phenomenal evening. Trade associations, by their nature, bring together people who work for or own businesses that have common goals and interests. This provides association members with the opportunity to discuss topics such as industry challenges and business development ideas.

GNEX CRTA CN Tower reception

In 2020, when I was offered to take the lead in our Associations future, the first thing we did was rebrand it to what it is today, the Canadian Resort and Travel Association, aka CRTA The word Travel incorporated in the title was integral in the revised Mission of the Canadian Timeshare Trade Association. We moved to incorporate and promote all destinations where Canadians choose to travel.

Canada has some of the most beautiful resort destinations, some very close to Toronto, where our conference took place. Matter of fact, just a little over an hour north of here, one of our Member Resort, Living Waters Resort, is the prime destination for all the GTA. All over Canada, from BC to the Maritimes, Canada offers a very diverse topography, culture, and a wide variety of activities.  We also have 4 real and distinct season which permits summer, fall, winter and spring experiences. One of our goals since our inception as CRDA is to keep promoting Canadian Resorts that offer Vacation Memberships, including Timeshare and Fractional product.

GNEX-CRTA Boardroom 2022

Many Canadians choose to compliment what their country offers by traveling south of our border to the US, the Caribbean and Mexico. These popular destinations, most often used in the summer months and during our winter months, are found mostly in southern states such as Florida, Nevada, California and throughout Mexico and the Caribbean. Many of these beautiful destinations have an interest in the Canadian Market. A recent study in Mexico for example has showed that with nearly 6 billion dollars in new business, Canadians were an approximate 15% share. That is 900 million dollars in a one year.

Being an CRTA member means that the Resorts can display that they are indeed a recognized Vacation property by the Canadian Trade Association, that they agree to abide by our code of ethics, the Industry’s Highest Standards. It also states that Memberships purchased at CRTA affiliated properties results in better experience and positive lasting memories. These certificates, or plaques, customized to each property, have our contact information and we encourage at point of sales, that if any potential Canadian member has an inquiry or concern about proceeding with a purchase, to contact us for reassurance of good business.

I am extremely pleased with our recent collaboration with our counterpart in the US and Mexico. ARDA, AMDETUR, ACOTUR, all promote and recognize the same values and have very similar missions. As we speak, we are in discussions with all these Associations to further complement each other, and work together on various initiatives. I thank the leaders of these associations for their willingness and interest to work together as it ultimately makes our target market a better offer.

Lastly, I thank everyone that attended the conference in Toronto. You are the ones that really made a difference. By attending our event you showed that you care about everything we promote; transparency, integrity, sharing between us from our experiences, participating in our growth, welcoming new ideas, changes. If it isn’t good for the consumer, it doesn’t belong in our Industry. And that’s up to us, the industry, to enforce this

I look forward to welcoming you to our next event, which will be held end of August 2023 at the most photographed hotel in the world, Chateau Frontenac, in Quebec City.

Kindest Regards
Gaetan Babin RRP
President & CEO

Canadian Resort and Travel Association

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