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Diamond Resorts files lawsuit against Timeshare Freedom Group, Molfetta Law & others in timeshare 'cancellation' ring for allegedly scamming consumers

October 5, 2020

Diamond Resorts®, a global leader in the hospitality, vacation ownership and entertainment industries, has filed a lawsuit against a ring of so-called timeshare “exit” companies for allegations of fraudulent business practices and false advertising. The 13 defendants are based in Florida and Nevada and include Timeshare Freedom Group, Jordan Salkin, Shayna Schroeder, John E. Mortimer, Frank Silva, Harold O. Miller, Michael A. Molfetta and William Saliba. The lawsuit alleges that the defendants use false and misleading advertising to convince timeshare owners to stop making payments on their timeshare contracts, while charging the unsuspecting victims thousands — sometimes tens of thousands — of dollars in upfront fees in exchange for no legitimate service.

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