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Envie Holdings

Envie Holdings is the vacation ownership industry’s preferred marketing partner.

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Envie Holdings is the parent company of a growing suite of brands including Seychelle Media, VacationVIP, TechEnvie, and VacationEnvie.

The Vision: Envie Holdings envisions a redefined vacation ownership industry where new marketing strategies and tools enhance industry processes and profits, resulting in more efficient and affordable access for consumers and higher levels of vacation owner satisfaction.

The Mission: Dedicated to creating and delivering digital marketing solutions for vacation ownership and other verticals, designed to simplify processes, utilize game changer technologies, and increase client return on advertising spend (ROAS).

Built on proprietary Martech, the Envie Holdings family of brands have been combined to create a resort marketing powerhouse that is delivering new and highly scalable channels of qualified prospects and tours to the vacation ownership industry.

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