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CRTA Signup Form

Simplified Application Form

Three Step Signup Process:

Step 1:
Please use the form below to start the membership process for the CRTA. If you are signing up multiple properties, we would prefer a different "Primary Contact" for each one.

There is only one "required" field on the form; we need somebody to initial that you will abide by the CRTA Code Of Ethics, which can be found here -
Simplified Signup Form
Step 2:
We will email you an invoice

Step 3:
We will email you your CRTA Membership Certificate, and create your company profile page
If you have completed the PDF version of the form, please email it to:
[email protected]

CRTA Rate Structure

Download PDF Here

Contact Us For Help

Please contact us if you have questions about becoming a member of the CRTA.

We look forward to receiving your membership application and welcoming you to CRTA, the voice of the Canadian resort industry.

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