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Benefits of Vacation Ownership

Shared ownership resorts provide families the opportunity to combine all of the benefits, rights, privileges and pride of ownership with affordable, guaranteed access to deluxe vacation accommodations located in some of the finest vacation destinations in the world. By prepaying for your future vacation accommodations at today’s prices, you are able to effectively “lock in” your vacation accommodation costs.

With the flexibility offered by multi-destination clubs, points-based systems, fractional resorts and global exchange affiliations, vacation owners are able to take advantage of numerous vacation options.

Vacation owners rotate occupancy and enjoy secured access to fully furnished, condo-style resort units that are perfectly situated, professionally maintained and fully equipped. Unlike traditional vacation homeowners who are faced with the financial obligations of supporting and maintaining a vacation property year round (whether it is occupied or not), vacation owners only pay the costs of the property’s maintenance and capital improvements based on the proportional interest they own. All taxes, security, maintenance, housekeeping, landscaping, management, owner services, insurance and other operational costs are shared between all owners.

When vacation owners show up to occupy their unit, they know that their vacation property will be clean and ready. There are no gutters to clean, lawns to mow, decks to paint or security concerns. Owners are comforted in the knowledge that their vacation home is safe, secure and properly maintained. One or more weeks are set aside each year for major maintenance.

Since they own their annual vacations, owners are free to lend, donate, bequeath, or rent their vacation accommodations to others. Additionally, through membership in an exchange system, owners can opt to exchange their week for equivalent weeks at literally thousands of resorts in over 100 countries worldwide.

The website is full of information about how to enjoy your vacation ownership.

Vacation ownership also benefits resort communities via the economics associated with attracting a residual base of affluent tourists on a year-round basis. On average, when compared to hotel guests, vacation owners spend $150 million more in local communities each year, and an additional $150 million is spent on maintaining and operating the various resorts. This revenue benefits local economies as well as municipal, provincial and federal governments.

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