Canadian Resort & Travel Association

Exchange Tips

Focus on the vacation experience as well as the destination when exchanging.

Think "what" before "where." With so many resorts in so many places, your first consideration should be the activities and experiences you would enjoy during your vacation. Once you've made the list, that decide what destinations fulfill your vacation dreams.

Three global exchange companies are CRTA Members.

Allow vacation exchange representatives to assist you in finding the perfect destination.

Advance planning pays off. Place your request as far as possible in advance of the dates you want to travel to maximize your chances of securing the vacation of your dreams.

Be as flexible as possible when requesting travel dates and resort locations. Listing several options enhances your chance for a timely confirmation.

Consider a trip in the off-season or visit a lesser-known destination.

Resorts may have many unit types. If you are flexible in the type and size if the unit you willing to accept, you enhance your exchange opportunities.

To maximize your opportunities for exchange, purchase the most desirable unit in the most popular season or the largest points package you can afford. If your primary goal in purchasing is to take advantage of the exchange benefit, know that the greater the exchange demand for your unit, the greater the exchange flexibility you will gain.

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