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Resale Tips

While the vast majority of timeshare owners are content with their vacation ownership product (more than 85% express satisfaction), there may come a time in your life when vacation ownership doesn't make sense for you any more. The economy or lifestyle changes may have you thinking about, or  needing to resell.

If you are interested in selling your timeshare, check first with the resort developer or resort management company to see if either offers a resale program or is affiliated with a licensed broker that handles resales.

If you decide to sell it yourself, there are several websites and other ways to offer your timeshare to potential buyers. Just remember, a timeshare is a "use product," not a real estate investment, so set a realistic resale price. 

The resale market is lightly regulated, if at all, and therefore does not offer a high degree of consumer protection. If you decide to sell or purchase a timeshare through a resale company make sure it is a well-established, reputable company. Also, be especially cautious about upfront fees and exactly what services are or are not included. 

CRTA and our American counter-part, ARDA, have put together information to help you navigate through the timeshare resale process.

ARDA has also posted  a very useful consumer website, ARDA-ROC

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